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  1. Addicted to it. Love the taste

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  2. Love Cohoma – specially the French Vanilla roast , i order the one KG packs as they are the most cost effective and also have a vacuum pack so the cofee stays fresher longer. ???? Will highly recommend this to all.

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  3. Great original coffee. My go to coffee these days..! By the way the French vanilla is my absolute favorite. Love the convinience of having filter coffeee without much effort

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  4. Loved their coffee! The french vanilla is an absolute delight. Highly recommended!

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  5. I tried the coffee at the Golf Club, and then ordered the French vanills. The flavor is amazing. Best I have had so far

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Our fresh roasted coffees are available as whole beans or ground for any brewing equipment of your choice such as an Aeropress, French Press, Chemex, Pour Over, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, Espresso Machine, etc. Just select what you like from the drop down menu and we will grind the coffee accordingly.

A typical 8 oz. cup of coffee (hot) would contain ~90-110mg of caffeine. For a caffeine-free option, opt for Cohoma’s freshly roasted Colombian Decaf Coffee!

We use only the best quality Arabica Coffee beans from around the world. All our coffees are made from 100% AA-AAA Grade, single-estate Arabica green coffee beans that constitute the top ~3-5% of the Arabica crop.

We source our coffees from select plantations in the South of India –from Chikmaglur and Coorg regions in Karnataka .We also have an international range including Ethiopian and Colombian Decaf.

Yes! If you do not have any brewing equipment, select our Reusable, PureBrew Filter ™ option when adding your coffee to cart. This ships FREE inside your roasted coffee canister, to brew a fresh cup in 1 minute. See how simple it is to use it here [Video link]. [Our Filter does not ship if you select any grind size / brewing option] 

Roasted Coffee is pure, natural Coffee. Instant coffee is made from roasted coffee and undergoes brewing, extraction, dehydration, and harsh processing to make it water soluble – this often significantly degrades the natural aroma and taste of coffee.

Pure coffee (similar to tea) does not naturally dissolve in water / milk unlike instant coffee. We recommend using our Pure Brew Filter if you don’t have any brewing equipment. 

The shelf life of our coffee is 12 months. Our roasted coffees are fresh roasted daily and shipped in reusable Canisters with a one way Fresh Lock valve to keep the coffee fresh. You can keep the coffee in its original packaging.

Yes, it’s a very simple process – after you brew the coffee (with the pure brew filter or otherwise), you can add ice / milk / sugar and blend it in a blender. You can also add some cream / condensed milk to add more body / thickness to the cold coffee

All our cold brews are ready to drink. All you need to do for cold coffee is to add ice / milk / sugar and blend it in a blender. Cold brews are made steeping fresh coffee grounds in cold water overnight giving you a smoother, less bitter drink.

Our signature flavour-infused coffees are made from natural ingredients like Grade A Vanilla Bean, Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Organic Peppermint, etc. Unlike other flavoured coffees in the market, there is no added sugar / artificial flavours / preservatives.

Brewing that perfect cup couldn't get easier with our Signature PureBrew filter TM

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