Roasted Coffee: Colombian Supremo Decaffeinated Coffee (250g)

Introducing Cohoma’s Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee! All the Taste, none of the Caffeine. Our Grade A+ 100% Arabica decaf coffee from Colombia, South America offers a complex yet balanced cup with sweeter notes like lemon, honey, and cane sugar, balanced with hints of chocolate and spice. Our decaf coffee delivers a medium body and balanced brightness and is fresh roasted in small batches. 

Our decaf coffee ships in our reusable, Cohoma Canisters with Fresh Lock valve to keep your coffee fresh for longer! Fresh Roasted and available online as whole beans or ground for your choice of equipment (E.g., Aeropress, French Press, Pour Over, etc.). 

Don’t have any brewing equipment? Select the Free PureBrew Filter™ option below to add our proprietary, reusable filter that brews a fresh cup in seconds! Free shipping!

Quantity: 250gms

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